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AWW I / 2015

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 9, 2015, 2:27 PM

Who are Angel without Wings? 

They are those fellow deviants:

Bullet; Pink who more or less regularly feature other deviants
Bullet; Pink who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
Bullet; Pink who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
Bullet; Pink who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
Bullet; Pink who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
Bullet; Pink who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis
Bullet; Pink who take the time to suggest seniority every now and than
Bullet; Pink who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
Bullet; Pink or whatever else helpful, kind, supporting they might do
You can read all about it HERE
Fractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbc
Every first weekend of the month 4 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by  and her fellow Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):
ANGELICA-LILY Annissina ArtBYbeverly 
Bushaqua CelestialMemories
DAnnsCreations davincipoppalag Dieffi Digithalie Egil21 Dygyt-Alice
Emerald-Depths EveLivesey Felizias gigi50 
iDJPanda InklingsOfOblivionKiwiCocktail 
kvdolan MayEbony msfowle MYPeanutGallery 
RoseCS ShackledMuse signmeupscotty 
Sserenita Stygma 
sueznTales-of-Tao TheGalleryOfEve The-Lost-Hope 
TheRafflesia Tigles1Artistry
TouchofArtistry Tricia-Danby Windklang WishmasterAlchemist

On Hiatus for the time being:
Fractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbc
Wanted: New Gangstas of Love!  If you'd like to :iconlovesqueeplz: spread the joy :iconlovesqueeplz: of featuring new Angels Without Wings apply now!  It’s a simple task that you need to do once every 2 weeks.  Journal content is given to you, complete.  Just choose 3 deviations from each of the new Angels galleries to add to the journal, upload it to your own account, and notify the new Angels of their feature.  Simply note me :iconnameda: to apply.
Fractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbc

Now without further delay on to the 4 brand new angels:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: congrats everyone :iconsomeconfettiplz:
:iconwingsplz: it’s a delight to award you with the wings you so deserve :iconwingsplz:
Please do remember to leave comments for each of our dear Gangstas who feature you in their individual journals. And, you can now display the AWW stamp on your frontpage, in your journals or ID :D (Big Grin)

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda:iconfelizias: suggested by KiwiCocktail Nameda & TheGalleryOfEve

Feli is an amazing friend with a wonderful sense of humor. She’s always ready to cheer people up and she achieves that beautifully!!! She’s dedicated to this community via group work and mentoring other deviants and leaving thoughtful comments on our pages. She features people all the time, she truly goes out of her way to make us all stand out!!! Love 

Her uplifting comments and cheerful personality is something that makes those of us who have the pleasure to interact with her often, happy to call her our friend!!! It’s rare to see people who can connect with others the way Feli does, but she does it, she succeeds making her friends and watchers feel special!!! Heart 

I think not just this community, but the WHOLE world is a better place because of her existence!!! Heart I love our Feli, and I nominate her because she has earned her wings through the love she spreads around on a daily basis!!! 

As a side note, when I lost two of my core gangstas due to personal circumstances and I desperately needed help, she jumped in to help without even batting a lid. When it turned out that Eve would not return it was logical to make her a core gangsta, so this is kind of a double celebration.
Bonnie by FeliziasHer wings by Felizias Requiem of an atheistI didn't believe ;
I could be broken again -
but I hurt.
Because I don't believe ;
there is such a thing as heaven.
Because I see you right here -
it's hell ;
No touch -
only pain.
I miss you -
and I see you ;
Wouldn't it be wonderfull?
Wouldn't it be a bliss to know ;
we can see each other ;
again and touch?
Because what I feel is not anger -
it's love.
Your touch always reminded me ;
I am loved -
Oh, please:
Let me believe -
in heaven ;
if this is truely hell
without you.
Am I strong
to cry for hours -
and be reminded of you -
even if we did not speak in one tongue ;
were seperated in oh so many ways -
everythere at any time?
Let's meet ;
wherever you are -
I don't believe ;
But I hope ;
and it gives me strenght -
to see you ;
and remember.
This strenght hurts ;
but I will hold it dear.
Until then -
in a fair place ;
there the pain of your memory fades ;
and only its bliss remains.
Give me strenght ;
like you used to do.
Until then.
Chasing by Felizias

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda:iconwdwparksgal: suggested by GrimFace242

The words charming, passionate and dedicated don't even begin to describe our next angel! Phyllis is one of the kindest and most supportive deviants around and is always helping others in any way she can. Her gallery is overflowing with positive energy and you can feel the joy in everything she shares! She's always there for a deviant that might be struggling and not sure where to go next and she supports those she watches by spreading their informative journals, contests, and projects through DevNews.

In addition to her main account, she also has a stock account where she offers high quality stock with lenient rules. Her efforts earned her the "Great Stockers with Fair Rules" award in 2014. Phyllis is also a highly respected member of the Senior community where she is an avid contributor! Just recently, she started a brand new interview series through DevNews to further give exposure to outstanding members of the community. If you add one new name to your watch list today, let it be won't be disappointed!
Valentine Rose 2015 by WDWParksGalCoasters for Oibyrd by WDWParksGalGod Bless Ming by WDWParksGalAlmost Like Fairyland in the Spring by WDWParksGal

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda:iconchromeantennae: suggested by SpriteBlayde

Ricky is a beautiful soul and an incredible artist. He is a staunch supporter of literary community with his groups like LitRecognition and literatureroadtrip and is also a swing admistrator forDailyLitRecognition.

He takes the time to supports fellow deviant with features on his profile page, with HTML coding, in giving valuable critiques and wonderfully uplifting comment. He also runs many features in his journals, including a monthly interview series. His gallery encompasses alluring pieces of poetry that inspires us and touches our heart and soul! A wonderful and truly deserving AWW, he really is generous and considerate, also showing incredible compassion for people who are suffering emotionally. Thank you for the incredibly touching contribution that you make to all those who cross your path Ricky!
lesson in wordplayi was sitting in my kitchen
and thought about white bread.
it is the holder of life, money,
and policemen. 
it had eggs, cheese,
and bacon.
think about that.
bacon comes from pigs,
it is a slur for cops.
cheese, the slang for money;
eggs are holders of birth
for lifeforms.
life forms
as the meat of the sandwich.
life forms from the egg
as lifeforms
in the meat of the sandwich.
the main material
or the meat, being the bacon.
or how life is formed in the egg
or how they become lifeforms
from the egg.
egg in soil of a woman,
a less vulgar term
for birthing a lifeform.
blood from the cord
stemming from the flower.
egg relating to the egg
spoken of previously,
egg being the stem
being born like a flower,
a less vulgar term
that births a life form
with the cord that holds
life together, like a plug.
it is a flower. 
until it drew blood
and is untamed,
until it blew blood
like it's both gangs.
blew and blue are homophones.
blue is the color of crips.
a gang with blue as th
“…….Why do you think our conversations always end up like this?”
“I don’t know, man. Why do you hafta’ ask so many questions?”
“Momma always told me when I didn’t understand something, I ask.”
“Well, that’s stupid, don’t do that. I feel like I’m doing homework away from school.”
“Whatever. Hey!” His friend jumps. “Do you think that Tiffany was giving me the up down?”
He scoffs.
“What’s that supposed to mean?! You don’t think I’m good enough for Tiffany??”
“I said no such thing.”
“Your eyes say it all!!”
“And what do they say?”
“They say, ‘Oh, you’re just a nerd, you could never get a girl like Tiffany Jones!’”
“Are those my eyes or your thoughts?”
“Haha, don’t put words in my mouth, br
woman holding sunshine in a ever present
or seemingly omnipresent,
it is a gift she carries around
with her and she drops
hints of it like hansel,
but she wants these
needy birds to eat the
nourishment she
so readily shares.
woman holding sunshine in a backpack,
i wonder where you came from
and if you were always this way.
was it conscious, is it hereditary,
was it an epiphany, is it accidental?
questions, questions,
i have so many questions
for an attitude
as bright as life forces
and persistent
as those same forces are long.
i wonder where the day goes
when the night takes shape
and i wonder where the anger flows
if happiness that is always
at the forefront.
but i don't look for it,
because in truth
we all need longer days
and we need more smiles
and a hug or two never hurt anyone.
you are the light for many
in need of a bright spot,
or for souls sitting
in the pitch black.
but for a smile so persistent
and rays of sunshine placed 
so precisely onto the ground
for others to find in the night,
it seem
anathemarazor blades placed on rungs
scalpel soles until
her feet s(t)ung
and she can't help
but bite her tongue
and bleed like the bottom
of her lacerated feet
until she reaches the top
to lie in the bed of candles--
these are nightmares on wax.
her seared skin sheds itself
in scraps along the metal,
makes itself at home beside
the abandoned prayers
and the puddle of blurred
and as the surface
becomes antiquated,
she lies over the flame,
letting the heat
burrow itself in her flesh
like acid decay
in her clenching teeth.
only when her muscles scream 
in silent desperation does she
rise and drag her carcass
to the straight-backed chair
nailed to the floor in front 
of a vanity. 

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda:iconsserenita: suggested by JPMNeg

Denise has been a member of Deviantart for a year, yet she has made perhaps even more contribution to Deviantart than someone who has been here for ten times as much. It’s impossible to see that she has gone full force in every aspect of making DA a great community. She is there whenever there is a worthy cause to promote, or an artist to give support. She leads a group for digital artists and a senior contributor to another one, helping another people in her field to get some attention. But that’s not the only way she helps fellow artists to get more exposure. She’s the founder of The-Feature-Showcase and a moderator atGetDailyDeviations , both aiming to discover outstanding art. She also often suggests daily deviations, mostly in her own category – digital art -, but is helping photographers as well. She’s also moderator of a group which is specialized to bring underestimated artists to the spotlight, not to mention her astounding features and interviews with digital artists. Talking about community, Denise is a contributor to several reputable groups trying to promote positivity, holding communities together, helping newbies to start their own way, and is a supervisor at ofdAWishingWell and helps to grant wishes of really many deviants. And last, but not least, she’s been a gangsta of love for a really long time – and after so many acts of kindness, good deeds, devotion and love given to every single deviant she knows, she really deserves to earn her wings!
Kamo by SserenitaMermaid by SserenitaHalloween Night by SserenitaWings of Fire - Queen of the Nightwings by Sserenita

Fractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbc

:iconwingsplz: Wanted – Nominations for new Angels Without Wings :iconwingsplz:
If you know any deserving deviants who meet the criteria at the top of this journal, please tell us! We are always looking for new Angels to award.

Simply Note :iconnameda: :icondieffi: or :iconmypeanutgallery: with ‘AWW Suggestion’ as the subject, along with at least 5 sentences telling us why the deviant deserves to earn their Wings. Please, one suggestion per Note only!

If you do suggest, please have a look to make sure the nominees good deeds are visible for everyone visiting their pages!! Everyone needs to clearly see why the person deserves their Award.And please write at least 5 sentences why you suggest this deviant :D (Big Grin)




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