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AWW / II 2015

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 8, 2015, 3:03 PM

Who are Angel without Wings? 

They are those fellow deviants:

Bullet; Pink who more or less regularly feature other deviants
Bullet; Pink who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
Bullet; Pink who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
Bullet; Pink who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
Bullet; Pink who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
Bullet; Pink who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis
Bullet; Pink who take the time to suggest seniority every now and than
Bullet; Pink who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
Bullet; Pink or whatever else helpful, kind, supporting they might do
You can read all about it HERE
Fractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbc
Every first weekend of the month 4 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by  and her fellow Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):
ANGELICA-LILY Annissina ArtBYbeverly Bushaqua CelestialMemoriesDAnnsCreations davincipoppalag DeviBrigard Dieffi Digithalie Egil21Dygyt-Alice Emerald-Depths EveLivesey Felizias gigi50 iDJPandaInklingsOfOblivion Just-To-Look1 KiwiCocktail kvdolan little-owlette MayEbonymsfowle MYPeanutGallery PhotographsByBri PurpleInk777 RoseCSShackledMuse signmeupscotty Sserenita Stygma suezn Tales-of-TaoTheGalleryOfEve The-Lost-Hope TheRafflesia Tigles1Artistry TouchofArtistryTricia-Danby WDWParksGal Windklang WishmasterAlchemist
On Hiatus for the time being:
Fractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbc
Wanted: New Gangstas of Love!  If you'd like to :iconlovesqueeplz: spread the joy :iconlovesqueeplz: of featuring new Angels Without Wings apply now!  It’s a simple task that you need to do once every 2 weeks.  Journal content is given to you, complete.  Just choose 3 deviations from each of the new Angels galleries to add to the journal, upload it to your own account, and notify the new Angels of their feature.  Simply note me :iconnameda: to apply.
Fractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbc

Now without further delay on to the 4 brand new angels:

:iconsomeconfettiplz: congrats everyone :iconsomeconfettiplz:
:iconwingsplz: it’s a delight to award you with the wings you so deserve :iconwingsplz:
Please do remember to leave comments for each of our dear Gangstas who feature you in their individual journals. And, you can now display the AWW stamp on your frontpage, in your journals or ID :D (Big Grin)
Angel without Wings Award by Nameda:iconirrevocablefate: suggested by GrimFace242 
Stephany is an American artist and writer who has been a member of DA for 7 years. She is best known for her role as a dedicated literature CV, but she is so much more than that. Long before she signed on to be a volunteer, Stephany had been working hard to deliver the largest compilation of news from all around the lit community on a weekly basis. Her undying efforts have made her a shining example for her fellow writers around the globe! 
On a personal note, Stephany is described by her friends as a warm, friendly and funny deviant who "gives the best hugs." It would be a challenge to find a person who gives more time, effort and love to the community than IrrevocableFate!
Contact LightThere is a shiver along my circuitry when he comes in to check on me. I hear my gears whirr faster, but only for a moment, before my system re-adjusts their speed. I watch him from the corner of my eye, the task before me boring, monotonous, while he is exciting, lively. Lively. I run the word through my processor, its meaning sparking along my wires, slithering between my circuit board. He stops in front of me, glasses falling against the bridge of his nose.
He scribbles something on the clipboard he is holding and I watch as the ligaments and muscles flex in his arm. I rotate my vision down to my own arms, similar in design, but slimmer, more delicate. My shiny copper exterior glints, but I can see the spider web of veins on his skin. They pulse with vitality and intensity.
I remind myself that I only have circuits, wires, gears, metals. He looks into my line of vision, eyes blinking as he pushes his glasses up.
"C9, how are you functioning today?"
I run a systems diagnostic, careful
EchoesShe echoes inside.
Her loneliness leaving her barren and cold,
Her fingertips so bloodied and broken.
She had tried to climb out,
But to no avail.
Her love lay on the earth beside her,
As her tears,
Her eyes are chiseled out stars,
trails of gold carve into green;
wobbly curses splatter the walls
She tries to get out,
She tries to get out.
"Don't leave me," he says
as whispers
Trickling water resounds around them,
Its pattering going slower, and slower,
Pounding deep within her.
Her eyes, like chocolate melt with tears,
And as they flow she is immersed in nothingness.
Darkness is her friend,
Her weakness,
And her solace.
The very thing that plunged her here,
Won’t break her free,
She prays for unconsciousness,
Away from,
Mired fingers extend to the flash
of white and dark that is
his sinking hope.
Every heartbeat is like a thunderclap,
and he becomes afraid
of what glides on
snake-like bellies,
above the walls of earth.
A city of bones crack and rattle
as air
The Tails of Falling StarsShe was awestruck by the backs of moons that were
too far away to see with her unaided ocean eyes;
her petal fingers lace around the necks of stars.
Tracing their distant narrative, she becomes
an oracle, picking at Castor and Pollux;
the innards of sacrificial lamb becoming
the threshold of her prophetic quasar.
Always in search for the answers
that remain as churning syllables,
rotting at the bottom of her myrtle lungs.
She harvests the tree-branch limbs of galaxies,
to appraise the fruits of fate;
calculating the depths of nebulae, nuances of flesh.
She remembers how she grew to fear space.

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda:iconsolidmars: suggested by StevenGilby

Julian is a digital artist and writer from the UK. He has only been a member of DA for one short year but has already made a positive impact, primarily through his work at dAy-Brighteners. The focus of the group is to bring joy to your day through kind comments, helpful critiques, and blogs with inspirational words and cute pictures.
In addition to his work with groups, Julian continuously supports his fellow artists through regular, bi-weekly journal features, suggesting daily deviations and performing random acts of kindness. It is our pleasure to award this helpful and supportive deviant with a well deserved pair of wings!
Love Potion #9It comes in a sealed bottle 
of pure crimson, and 
smells like a meadow of flowers 
blooming in an eternal spring. 
But there's also a warning, 
a dark one that speaks a harsh truth 
'in case of failing: frustration, 
heartache and heartbreak, 
depression and suicide 
are side effects to be on the lookout for.'
A goodnight kissHe leans in for a kiss,
his soft lips pressed against her forehead.
Then he gently puts her picture back in place
Death was a lot faster than him. 
Embers: Chapter IEmbers I: When Worlds Collide. 
The night was quiet. Barely any ambulances drove in, and even the police cruiser was idle at the corner of the street. The usually busy emergency room lacked people save for a few late night fevers, or twisted ankles.
"It's still snowing, crossing my fingers we won't get snowed in here." A nurse commented as they watched the snowfall.
"Only five more hours until my shift ends, and snowed in or not, I'm going home. I ain't eating cafeteria food for another day." Another huff rose and stirred a few chuckles around the nurses' station.
"Why do we always end up with the graveyard shift in the ER? No fair."
"Oh, put a sock in it ladies, look at Elizabeth, she's not complaining."
The woman in question glanced up from her phone at the mention of her name and smiled faintly. She placed the chart she had aside and slipped out of her lab coat. "Well, I'm taking a short break. I have a date."
"Ooooh, where's the lucky man waiting? You sure have a dedica

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda:iconmeiyue: suggested by verkik
Despite her young age and the fact that she has spent only one year on Deviant Art so far, it’s conspicuous how meiyue is determined to make this community a better place. She is incredibly kind, willing to help out friends and strangers alike, and is showing her appreciation to her followers in various ways. Annie has improved a lot during this short period, and is always willing to share her knowledge. She also takes the time to visit pages of other deviants, give out llamas, or leave constructive criticism whenever she has anything helpful to say, or whenever an honest opinion is needed. She also holds giveaways for her watchers, even though she’s saving up points for a premium membership. Annie is also an enthusiastic suggester of daily deviations. Last but not least, she found a special way to draw attention to underexposed artists. She has a custom box on her page, where she features unnoticed artists, which she updates once a week – the featuring offer is completely free. She is also a crew member of the group; ProjectPorkchop which also helps unpopular artists. I think her generosity toward other people can’t go unnoticed – she has befriended and brightened the spirits of many, and is always willing to spread a little love around.
Singed Soul by meiyueTyson by meiyueDreamchaser by meiyue
Angel without Wings Award by Nameda:iconbeccajs: suggested by GrimFace242 

It’s hardly possible to find anyone in the community of writers who’s unaware of the nameBeccaJS. Becca has been a Deviant Art member since 2005. She tries to convey positivity, love, fun, but also deep and emotional messages in her wonderful writings. She has also done an incredible amount for the community. Using CRLiterature as a hub, she pushed to have a central place where all writers can go and find out what's going on around dA when it comes to Literature. She is a founder of writing-workshop, and runs quality shops there, helping out both new and experienced writers to better themselves and explore new genres and forms they have never tried before. She is also willing to help out newbies, or anyone who may have a question, and is also often found in different chat rooms. Becca is always eager to leave constructive criticism – she’s giving away critiques and holds an event during the Christmas season, called Critmas, where she encourages other artists to do the same. Deviant Art would never be the same without her – as told, "Becca is a name in the Literature Community that is synonymous with awesome
BlessingUnicorn naps seem magic;
coo of foals snore.
each hair reflects sunshine,
each head dozing grace.
Even now, wild delphiniums
sway; yearlings sleep peaceful.
Lady youth has seldom met
temptation, now woes struggle,
each horse enchants,
she exalts.
Joseph by BeccaJS Machine WindWind tip-tapping against
steel pipes
desperate to attract attention, 
off desolate rooftops
        where there's no blue skies
but the lingering pollution of
                                        yesterday's work.
        The wind infers longing, where they once worked,
        sweeping each corner in search of their presence
or past existence, a distance too far
of just what happened and why now absent.
Still tipping and raising the alarm,
                there must be someone there-
a twisted gust takes one more lap of hope. 
no more than hope.

Fractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbcFractal  Wing by luisbc

:iconwingsplz: Wanted – Nominations for new Angels Without Wings :iconwingsplz:
If you know any deserving deviants who meet the criteria at the top of this journal, please tell us! We are always looking for new Angels to award.

Simply Note :iconnameda: :icondieffi: or :iconmypeanutgallery: with ‘AWW Suggestion’ as the subject, along with at least 5 sentences telling us why the deviant deserves to earn their Wings. Please, one suggestion per Note only!

If you do suggest, please have a look to make sure the nominees good deeds are visible for everyone visiting their pages!! Everyone needs to clearly see why the person deserves their Award.And please write at least 5 sentences why you suggest this deviant :D (Big Grin)




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